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What is the most effective method to trim overgrown nails in dogs?

Look, it is happening! You have tried to trim your dog’s nails on weekly basis, but these still pop up. And then, you will see curved, long daggers sticking out from his paw. Well, it is time to address the long nails of your pet. This article will give you useful information to perform this task most effectively.


Why Should You Trim Overgrown Dog Nails?

Just like people’s nails, dog’s nails grown persistently and need to be trimmed frequently. If left uncared for a long time, these parts would keep growing and cause discomfort. As a result, their length might result in pain as they sag as well as hurt the paws of your dog.The key to performing this task successfully is to turn it into a positive experience for your pet. Even when a dog does not recognize this, it would be much better without overgrown nails. Infections and pain are often not something that a dog enjoys, so preventing them might be ideal.

Moreover, it isn’t good at all for a dog to cling his nails in a carpet or other kinds of textile around your house. Nails of a pooch shouldn’t touch the floor while walking. Therefore, if you notice a noise when he is walking, then it would be the time to take care his nails and learn how to trim them.

Basic Tips On Trimming Dog’s Nails

When you learn how to trim overgrown dog nails, it is easy to learn that a dog, in fact, doesn’t like to have his nails cut. But in several situations, this is a simple process as the need of trimming nails frequently is not actually necessary. Nails often shorten when your dog walks on the pavements.

If your pet has spurs, you should trim the nails individually as these parts could not reach the sidewalk. The process of cutting dog nails might result in accidents when he is agitated or you clip too deep. Even when that situation occurs, you shouldn’t skip this step simply because it is as necessary as the daily walk or the weekly bath. Most of the dog breeds could be trained to follow this routine, so you do not need to worry about that.

How To Identify A Dog’s Quick

Do you know what exactly the quick in a dog is? In general, the nails are consist of by the nail and the quick, a soft cuticle with nerves and blood vessels. If you have a pet with light-colored nails, it would be quite simple to find out the quick because that will be a pink area in the middle of the nail. But you could find it quite challenging to do this in a dog with dark-colored nails.

Preparation For A Pedicure Session

Guillotine Utensil

This is generally a kind of nail clipper which is designed with a cutting hole and an internal blade. When you press its handle, the blade will come out to cut your dog’s claw just as a working horizontal guillotine. For many people, a guillotine utensil is quite simple to use for trimming dog’s nails.

Scissor-type nail clipper

Instead of having a flat surface, this clipper model is made with a curved blade to help cut a dog claw in the round shape. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is aligning the blade properly on the nail of your dog and cut.

Clam-style nail clipper

This tool is quite similar to the previous type but stronger and is often used by professional vets. In general, it works based on the same mechanism as the ones for gardening tools. You may find it very easy to use for short nails, but not for too short ones.

Styptic powder

If you trim a nail too short, it would bleed. And no matter how hard you attempt to stay away from this situation, it would become unavoidable as your pet would move his paw when you estimate the wrong distance for cutting. However, you can stop this by using styptic power, a bandage and pressure.

Electric nail grinder

If a dog can tolerate this tool, you could use it to smooth his nails. Also, many dog owners prefer skipping the whole process of clipping nails and just want to use a machine. However, this is not actually a pleasant choice for dogs due to annoying noises and vibration. Thus, you should introduce it to your pet gradually in a few weeks. Patience is probably the most important thing in using this tool.

How To Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

In general, you need to pay special attention when trimming overgrown nails of your dog. Otherwise, you would trim off too much at once, which often lead to bleeding. The main goal of grooming overgrown nails is to trim them back little by little in a couple of weeks so that the quick would eventually recede to the normal length.

The following are 5 simple steps to trim overgrown dog nails:

Step 1

Before getting started, you need to look carefully at your dog’s nail to find the quick, a pink area at the center. In general, you should trim above this part to avoid bleeding. If you could not identify the quick because the dog’s nails are black, just trim the tip off.

Step 2

Use a nail clipper to cut the nails of your dog gradually. Avoid trimming off too much nail at one time because overgrown dog nails are often thicker and also require more pressure to cut, which would be really painful. Instead, trim off tiny bits at the tip of the nail. If you notice a slightly moist disk, round, and dark in the middle of your dog’s nail, stop clipping because that is his quick.

Step 3

Gently file the nails of your dog to smooth any rough edges left from clipping. Make sure not to file too much to avoid exposing the quick. In general, it would take a couple of nail trimmings to get an acceptable length. Therefore, do not be alarmed when the nails seem still long after the first trimming. You need to reach the quick to recede before trimming to the proper length.

Step 4

Before trimming each nail, it is better to give your pet a treat. By doing this, you will help him get accustomed to the clipping by making positive links through praise, affection, and treats.

Step 5

Wait for 1 week, then clip and file any overgrown nails of your dog again. Every time you do this task, his quick would retreat further to the nail bed. Once all of the nails get the normal length, keep in mind to cut them frequently.


​Choose The Right Time For The Pedicure

​When would you start trimming the nails of your dog? The answer should be “right away”. It is often recommended to do this task as soon as you bring a pooch home. And it is also very important for a dog to get accustomed to the feeling of having his paws touched, which is associated with a positive experience such as rewards, toys, or attention.

​When it comes to the frequency of trimming, it will depend on a couple of factors, including the growth pace of your dog’s nails and their normal rate of wear. Whenever you wonder when to clip them, you could find out the answer by noticing whether the nails of your dog touch the ground while standing or not. To sum up, most breeds of dog require a pedicure session at least once a month, or even once every 2 months.

​Final advice

​When you want to cut the nails of your dog, it is better to take your time and avoid getting agitated or angry. You just be able to finish a process when you are calm. And conversely, your dog might become as inpatient and agitated as you are and eventually leave.

​Moreover, make sure to choose the best method and nail clipper to convince your pooch that what you are going to do will be fun, particularly because he gets a treat each time you finish. Regardless of your options, keep in mind that the claws of your dog should be cut frequently. If not, it would lead to several unwanted side effects, which eventually does more harm to your canine.

​If the whole process of clipping dog claw makes you experience a moment of terror, then it is better to take your dog to a beautification salons for pets or an experienced vet. Most of the specialists do this task all day long and are very confident, effective and fast. By doing this, you can be sure that your beloved pooch will always get the best treatment for a good health condition.


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