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Hello, friends! I am Jennifer, a 30-year-old adventure-seeking dog lover.

I was born and grew up in rural Tennessee and did not leave my hometown frequently until I attended college in Atlanta. The cosmopolitan city definitely kicked me out of the comfort zone and brought me into an interesting world that was full of awesome experiences.

After graduation, I moved to three different states of the country, including Wisconsin, Vermont, and Alabama before returning to Tennessee permanently.

Tennessee is where my soul and heart lies, in the breathtaking trails, in the beautiful multitude of valleys and hills, and in the deep-rooted culture of discovering the exciting outdoors. It is the place where I truly became a real adventurer. And it is also here where I got my first beautiful puppy, a Beagle named Tito. My constant companion and adventure partner.

Having a Beagle basically made my lifestyle changed. I always wanted to make sure she received mental and exercise stimulation as well as fulfillment. Being a dog owner meant a lot of work to do every day, but taking care of my beloved Tito also brought me rewarding and happy moments.

For these reasons, I have created this personal blog to share with you all of the ups and downs, but interesting and funny moments when growing a dog. You can also find a lot of helpful articles on preventing and solving common problems that dogs are prone to. We try to provide guidance for health questions on your puppies and help you to deal with your dog’s behavior problems in simple, but effective ways.

If you are a dog lover, puppy owner or a person who want to read interesting stories about pets, then is definitely a perfect choice. I hope that you will find this blog fun and interesting and will also help to question a couple of ways we interact and live with our beloved dogs.

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