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10 Things Dog Owners Should Never Ever Do

For many dog owners, taking care of their dogs is often considered one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences, but only when they do it right.

​There are actually a lot of wrong ways when taking care and training a puppy, and even the most caring owners make a couple of serious errors. In some cases, it is safe to claim that a dog also makes a fair share of his own mistakes.


​We should agree that nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and some of these are forgivable. In other side, the bond that you have built with your dog would be strong enough to withstand a mistake in various situations. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things that even the greatest bond would not fix simple because these would put your puppy in a fatal danger.

Below are 10 things that you should never do to your puppy. Some of these might look harmless, but they would put your dog’s physical or emotional health at risks.

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​1. Do not allow your dog to be in your vehicle with the head out of the window

​When a pooch is showing his head out of the window in your car, something he sees could make him exciting, or encourage him to jump out. In addition, you need to be careful of dirt or wind as it can result in some damage to your dog’s eyes. He would also hurt the neck when the windows do not lock or when the window starts to close on an accident.

​2. Do not bring your puppy as an uninvited friend

​Your dog would be the most well-behaved and lovable dog. However, if you are going to someone’s house, a store, a restaurant, or a birthday party, do not bring him if uninvited even though it does not meant that you always have to leave him alone at home. In fact, there are a lot of dog friendly places, which would be searched easily, so that you can enjoy your personal time without being worried about your puppy.

​3. Do not forget to scoop your dog’s poop

​In general, this is a very crucial task in busy cities and neighborhoods. Urine, particularly female pup urine, could result in terribly dead spots on the lawn. Therefore, it is really necessary that you should not allow your pooch to urinate on the yard of someone else. By doing this, you would keep a good standing in your local community!

​4. Do not leave your pet alone in a car

​Even when it is rather cool outside, a vehicle can easily become a hot greenhouse and make your pooch to get sick as well as overheated. In some serious cases, a dog might even die if left alone in a long period.

No matter the season or weather, a lonely dog in a vehicle can also be a target for pet thieves. Therefore, keep in mind that you should never leave your dog alone in an unattended car!

​5. Do not leave your dog on a chain or outside

​Naturally, all pets should have access to the nature, not indoor background day after day (but do not leave your dog in the yard while you are at work or school). Particularly chained up during the hot sun or in the cold winter season. This can be applied for a long stretch in your car, too. This is abusive, and the results would be dire!

​6. Do not neglect the dental health of your dog

​It is recommended by most of the canine dentists that the owners should brush the tooth of their cats and dogs every day. However, just 2 percent of them basically follow through! Moreover, approximately 60 percent of dogs with periodontal disease in stage one are usually left untreated.

​Therefore, you should always get a vet examine the teeth of your pooch at least 1 time each year, before beginning any home-based dental regimes.

​7. Never hit your dog

​It is definitely wrong to put your hands on a puppy as a punitive act simply because it might destroy the relationship between an owner and his beloved pet. But more important, this punishment will probably prevent a proper process of training. These forms of abuse can weaken the confidence of your dog and are more likely to last in his mind for a long time.

​8. Do not think that your dog does not have a feeling

​Dogs do feel. In other words, dogs definitely have feelings and understand feelings. Recent scientific research have proved that a dog would experience love and hate like us and might also understand the emotions of humans based on our facial expressions. Thus, dogs have the capacity to get excited, become depressed, feel, and, of course, love!

​9. Do not skip vet visits.

​Some dog owners claim that they could diagnose any health issues of their dogs themselves by using online sources, meaning that it is not necessary for veterinary cares. This would be correct as there is a place and a time to look up or online research for any addition medical information for your beloved dog. But when a pet acts out of the normality or if there are any signs of poor health, it is definitely important to seek veterinary care!

​10. Do not barricade your dog for a wrong reason

​If your dog is having a wrong behavior, having him in a crate is also a wrong response. By using the crate as a form of punishment, it means that you are making your puppy believe that the crate is a bad thing instead of a safe place for him. In other words, you should put him in the kettle for a positive experience. Do not use it to punish or scold him.

Do you feel guilty of any of those things? Do we miss anything from this list? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.


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